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Windsurfer Class events focus on fun and accessibility for riders of all skill levels and ages. There are 4 main disciplines in Windsurfer Class Sailing: course racing, slalom, long distance, and freestyle. Which disciplines will be offered at a given event is up to the individual event organizers and the conditions at the event site.

Course Racing

Usually a variation of an upwind/downwind or triangle course focusing on tactical sailing and strategy. A great discipline for sailors of any level, course races can be completed with any fleet size and in almost any conditions.


Fast and technical short course competition held close to the beach for maximum spectator enjoyment. 

Long Distance

The true test of endurance and skill. Usually covering a distance that allows for a minimum of one hour’s sailing time, the long distance is almost always the showcase event for major national and international titles.


Freestyle ups the wow factor for spectators and competitors with choreographed routines featuring tricks that showcase the rider’s sense of style and board handling.

One Board, One Sail, One Design!

All versions of the Windsurfer are class legal for racing including the Windsurfer LT, 'One Design' and 'Original' when sailed with 'as manufacturer supplied' equipment.

View a copy of the official Class Rules here

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